Vote Like a Girl.
Meet Citizen Jane

Meet Citizen Jane

I call Citizen Jane Politics "the Modern Girls' Guide to Picking the Leaders of the Free World" because that's exactly what it's designed to be. This is where you can find plain-English answers to where the candidates and elected officials really stand on issues. You can also find out when and where to vote, what all that political jargon means, and whether there's a debate next week that you might want to watch on TV. Finally, you'll see politics through the eyes of women instead of just the eyes of men.

Having worked on Capitol Hill for nine years, I can tell you it's because the guys speak up a lot more. They give their opinions. Instead of asking, "Why me?" before writing an op-ed or running for office, they say, "Why not me?"

After I left politics, I went to Columbia University for a master's degree in journalism. I then worked as executive editor at a magazine for a year, the Capitol Hill Bureau Chief for Politics Daily for two years, and as a political contributor to The Daily Beast. But I kept seeing a gap in political coverage that I wanted somebody to fill. I wanted to see something about politics that was not a cheering section for either party; something written for women that had more than just gossip and fashion; something that understood that the stakes for our government could not be higher, but that focusing on just doom and gloom can get a girl down.

Citizen Jane Politics is here to fill that gap. We're independent, non-partisan and here for you.

Looking ahead to 2014 and 2016, I don't care who you vote for, but I do want you to vote. I also hope you'll comment on our Facebook page when you have something to say or Tweet me if you're not the commenting type. I hope our leaders are competent, qualified and up for the challenge and that the Kardashians are almost done doing whatever it is they do. Citizen Janes, the direction of the country is up to somebody– why not us?

Happy voting, Janes!

Patricia Murphy, Editor