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Rep. Gwen Moore: “I was Raped”

Topic: Women in Politics | By Patricia Murphy | March 29, 2012

As you may or may not know, the Violence Against Women Act is due for renewal this year, but is stuck in Congress because of another partisan stand-off over what is usually a non-partisan issue. Enter Rep. Gwen Moore, a feisty, hard-charging, unapologetically liberal Democrat from Wisconsin. But as she told me during an interview in Washington, she is also a survivor of a lifetime of violence, including beatings, rapes, and abusive relationships.

“I have been a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I think that men, boys, see it as a right of passage to have sex with girls. Lovers feel it is their right to dominate women in that way. That has been my experience.”

That experience led Moore to the House floor Wednesday to convince Republican members of Congress that the Violence Against Women Act is more than just another bill to be passed, blocked, or stalled on the House floor.

“It is pathetic and it is disappointing that it’s come to this,” she said on the House floor, nearly yelling at her colleagues across the aisle. “Violence against women in this country is not levied against just Democrats, but Republicans as well…not just rich people or poor people. It knows no gender, it knows no ethnicity, it knows nothing.”

Moore was leading the charge with Nancy Pelosi to force a vote on VAWA as a part of the budget being considered in the House. Republicans unanimously voted down the measure, even though every Republican woman in the Senate is co-sponsoring it across the Capitol. Read more at the Daily Beast