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Topic: Women in Politics | By Patricia Murphy | February 17, 2012

Janes, as daughters of the South, we try to refrain from overly salty language.  But looking at the picture to the left of the House Oversight Committee hearing on insurance companies and women’s contraception, we can only ask, what the Hell, House Oversight Committee??

Of the five witnesses on the first panel, which was made up of church leaders, all five were men explaining to the committee why contraception for women should not be paid for by church-affiliated organizations.  That is a perfectly legitimate position, but it’s hard to believe that somewhere in America the committee could not find one woman to put forth both that opinion, as well as a little perspective from someone who would actually be affected by the regulation that the Committee is overseeing.

The all-male panel, along with the nearly all-male Sunday show review of the controversy, along with the nearly all male House and Senate, along with the White House that has never been held by a women all lead to one much larger question and the driving force behind the creation of Citizen Jane Politics– Where Are the Women?

There is no reason that monumental decisions affecting the lives of women of all political persuasions and all religious denominations should be decided, as they currently are, almost entirely by men, other than the fact that there are too few women registering to vote, too few women voting and far too few women running for office in both parties.

If there were more women in office, we could expect a chorus, not just a solo, of reactions like this one, from Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who raised the obvious deficiency of the panel with the chairman of the committee who put it together.   Observe, enjoy, and get engaged ladies.  If this doesn’t boil your blood, call us and we’ll arrange for a transfusion, which may or may not be covered by your insurance company.
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