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Can Newt Win If He Loses Women?

Topic: Women in Politics | By Patricia Murphy | February 3, 2012

That’s an easy answer.  No.  But his team says he’s not giving up on the ladies after losing the women’s vote in Florida by a 24-point margin to Mitt Romney this week.  Yowch.

Kellyanne Conway, an expert on women’s voting trends and Gingrich’s pollster and senior adviser (and kind of a kickass lady), says Romney won the women’s vote for one reason alone– $16 million worth of negative advertising hurled against her boss just as women were making up their minds on who to vote for.  The cure for that?  Well they really didn’t have one in Florida, but she says that’s about to change.

“There are ways to respond and contrast without remaining in the mosh pit,” she said. Gingrich will present positive solutions on jobs, the economy, and foreign policy, as well as his pro-life platform. “We will affirmatively say and show that we respect women’s intelligence enough not to play that game.”

She also says they’ll reveal Mitt Romney for the man they believe him to be.  “The boy scout started dancing with the devil,” Conway said of Romney’s attacks on Gingrich leading into the Florida vote. “The mother in me recoiled … He behaved like the executive who gets drunk at the Christmas party and no one ever looks at him the same way again.”  Um, OK.

But what about Newt’s multiple marriages, problems with fidelity, and the awkward moment the second missus claimed to 20/20 that he asked for an “open marriage?”  The Gingrich camp says women have already “baked that into the cake,” and will make their decision apart from all that stuff.

Gina Covell Maddox, from Gulf Breeze, Fla., who voted for Romney and started the Women for Mitt Romney group on Facebook, thinks Gingrich’s personal background did hurt him among some Florida women. “I hate to say it, because they don’t come right out and say anything about Newt’s three wives,” she said.  “But I get a lot of ‘family values’ when women in my circles talk about what’s important to them.”  Read on at The Daily Beast.


One Response to “Can Newt Win If He Loses Women?”

  1. Haylee Isaacson Says:
    February 16th, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Mitt’s a good guy, he may not be a perfect candidate, but he’s very respectful towards women.