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Wake Up Sunshines! It’s Time for Florida to Vote

Topic: Ron Paul | By Patricia Murphy | January 31, 2012


It’s primary day in the Sunshine State, ladies, when Florida’s fabulous patchwork of grannies, Latinos, conservatives, and conservative Latina grannies go to the polls to make their choice for president.  Unfortunately for Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney has outspent him five to one on radio, TV and whatever else money can buy in an election, so the former Speaker has already been declared “a goner” in today’s contest.  Exit polls from the 600,000+ show Romney beating Gingrich by 10 points or more.  A lot more.

But worry not, Newton.  The South shall rise for you on Super Tuesday, and you could use the time between now and then to raise some money can get back in touch with “Happy Warrior Newt,” instead of the grumpy version we’ve been watching lately.  We talked all about all that and more CNN with the lovely Christi Paul just a little while ago.