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Ron Paul’s On Fire

Topic: The Republicans | By Patricia Murphy | January 8, 2012

He’s a cross between your second-favorite grandpa, an Austrian economist and Elmer Fudd, and guess what ladies?  Ron Paul is on fire in New Hampshuh!  Granite Staters simply cannot get enough of the spry Texan’s live-free-or-die message.

So how hot is he?  While other candidates hold events in diners, Ron Paul’s in an airplane hanger.   When it’s hard to figure out where other political rallies are around the state, you can usually follow the line of cars and roar of the crowd to get to a Ron Paul event.

The result of all the Paul love is a campaign solidly in second place at the moment and a real chance that Dr. Paul could be a spolier for the GOP in the future if he mounts a 3rd party run down the line.

What’s that?  Doesn’t he want to help Republicans instead of hurt them, electorally at least?  Maybe not.  Read our theory of Paulativity HERE.