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Goodbye, Iowa!

Topic: Morning Jane | By Patricia Murphy | January 5, 2012

Now that the Iowa caucuses are in the rear view mirror, it’s time to put the Hawkeye state in the rear view mirror, too. But not before saying thank you to all of the kindly Iowans who really do put the”nice” in Iowa Nice.

Like the man who flagged us down in Johnston to see if we would like to park in front of his driveway (Who does that?), or the two fifth-grade buddies having coffee at the only Starbucks in Sioux City, who started the conversation with, “You’re not from around here, are you?” wrapped it up by saying, “Thank you for being so nice.”  To which we say, thank YOU for being so nice, Bill and Nick! (There’s Bill on the left.)

Iowa, we’re not really going to miss the four-hour drives between events in your massive state, the weather so cold it freezes the coffee IN your cups, and the terror you instill with signs telling us South Dakota is just around the bend.  As a daughter of the South, CJP just doesn’t do South Dakaota.

But with a state full of people who care who the next president is, and more than a few willing to go to a hotel meeting room on New Year’s Eve to kick Mitt Romney ‘s tires, CJP gets why Iowa goes first in the nation to pick the leader of the nation.  And we’re grateful they let us come along for the ride.  See y’all in 2016!