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Mitt Romney to CJP: “The Future is Going to be Better Than the Past”

Topic: Morning Jane | By Patricia Murphy | January 2, 2012

Janes, there’s life in a perfect world, and there’s life on the campaign trail in Iowa.  The former includes invigorating jogs along a river, meaningful visits with friends and sit-down interviews with good lighting and a cameraman quietly, but expertly, perched over your shoulder.

Get that out of your heads.  Because we bring you today our chat from Sioux City, Iowa, with presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who tells us exactly what you want to know:  How will your lives change if America puts him in the White House.  Is there a giant spotlight obscuring Mitt Romney’s entire face and body?  Yes.  Are there more than the optimal two feet separating us from our subject?  Yes.  But this is life in the trail, girls, where you improvise or die, and we’re not dead yet:-)   Enjoy!


According to Romney, the most important thing to change for women would be the chance to raise children in a country where they will have all the opportunities they want for them. “They can look at their children and say, ‘The future is going to be better than the past.’