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Topic: We digress | By | December 19, 2011


Have you missed us as much as we’ve missed you?   So much has happened since Patricia and Nisha went off to take the world of paying jobs by storm nearly two years ago.  (See a few of our greatest hits below.)

CNN named our beloved Candy Crowley as the host of Sunday’s “State of the Union” and ABC made brainy lady Christiane Amanpour the host of “This Week.”  The fabulous Kathleen Parker landed a sweet job in prime time, only to get the ick of her co-host on her own unsullied reputation, and the Supreme Court tripled its quotient of Janes on the bench.

Sarah Palin’s life became a reality show; Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi proved they were the only leaders in Washington with the man-parts to get a job done, for a while; GOP women surged in their races; and the rest of the collective world of Washington politics– led by men behaving badly– seemed to have lost its mind.

But worry not, fair Janes.   Even with bacon to bring home and babies to feed (just kidding, we don’t have babies), CJP is now back in business to help busy Janes navigate the world of policy and politics.

Watch this space for updates on the return of CJP, and get ready for this little web site to transition from helping the Janes pick the leaders of the free world, to giving you the blueprint to BECOME the leaders of the free world.

Somebody has to run the joint, Janes…why not us?

Until we vote again,

Patricia and the girls at CJP