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Palin Pick Rearranges the Dynamic

Topic: Veeps | By CJP | August 29, 2008

CJP has a column over at about McCain’s Sarah Palin pick.  Here’s an except below and a link to the post, because the commenters going bananas on each other is worth the trip…..

“While the Palin choice is surprising on many levels, including the important fact that she has no real foreign policy experience and governed a town of 7,500 before becoming governor less than two years ago, her fight against corruption mirrors McCain’s own. He has repeatedly gone after the Alaska delegation, including Frank Murkowsi, in his anti-pork crusade, and loves nothing more than ruffling some feathers among his GOP colleagues. Mission accomplished today, John McCain.

“A key consideration with the Palin pick is whether she will bring over any of those 18 million Clinton Democrats who wanted their woman in the White House and were bitterly disappointed to see that chance slip away. Palin won’t move some of them. Many of the feminists who boosted Clinton were as fervently pro-choice as they were pro-Hillary, and the governor’s and John McCain’s opposition to abortion rights makes her a non-starter.

“But for the independent and swing-voting women who felt the pull of history with Clinton’s bid, they will feel at least a little of the same for Sarah Palin. They will also respond to an accomplished, intelligent woman telling her story on the 2008 national stage not as a potential first lady, but as a potential second-in-command.”

You can see the full post, with the commenters, HERE.