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Update from Blue Bell, PA

Topic: The Democrats | By CJP | April 21, 2008

Hello from Blue Bell, PA, Janes!  Barack Obama spoke to a group about 30 voters and 200 media here on the campus of Montgomery County Community College about 30 minutes ago.  Topics ranged from the high price of gas to research for into the cause of autism to what would be on Obama’s To Do list in his first 100 days in office (Iraq and health care top the list.)  Michelle Obama made a cameo appearance at the end to greet the voters, and rumor has it that Rachel Ray is inside the school talking to the candidate right now.  We have yet to confirm that last nugget.

All of the voters we spoke with strongly support Obama, and one 14-year-old girl has made more than 3,000 calls as a volunteer for the campaign.   We’ll have video of her and other Janes later today.  Now we’re off to see Hillary Clinton in Harrisburg to see if the 10-point Clinton win that’s predicted feels more true there than it does here.  Stay tuned, gals!