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How Green Are Their Plans?

Topic: The Republicans | By CJP | February 4, 2008

tree.jpg Janes, behold the latest installment in the CJP “Candidate Compare” page- Energy and the Environment. We have sliced and diced these bad boys with research from the candidates’ official plans, statements in debates and in the media, as well as secondary sources including the Pew Forum, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News Service, and (an amazing resource if you haven’t seen it).

While all of the candidates agree that the United States needs to become less reliant on or completely independent of foreign oil, they have different reasons for believing that and different ways of achieving it. As you look at the plans, you’ll see that Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s plans are nearly identical. You’ll also see that Mike Huckabee considers protecting the environment to be a moral imperative, that John McCain took the Straight Talk Express to Detroit, of all places, to announce the need for increased fuel efficiency in cars and that Mitt Romney favors using more American-made fossil fuels to regulating industries that emit greenhouse gases.

Also, all of the Republicans look to nuclear energy as an additional source of fuel, while all of the Democrats have some high-priced features in their plans to green America.

See which candidate shares your love of going green or your disdain for the government noodling in Mother Nature’s own private business HERE.