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HRC’s Tears: The Janes Have Spoken

Topic: CJP Poll | By CJP | January 14, 2008

clinton.jpg Last week, CJP fielded a completely unscientific poll asking you what you thought of Hillary Clinton’s moment of emotion going into the New Hampshire primary. The bad news for Mrs. Clinton- the winner was “I’m not buyin’ it.” A plurality say she”ll do anything to be president. The good news for the senator, however, is that if we add the Janes who were “intrigued” to the ones who “loved it,” a majority of you say you second her emotion.

Here are the actual results:

46 %: I’m not buying it. She would do anything to get elected.

34 %: I’m intrigued. There might be more to HRC than I thought.

19%: Loved it. The world finally see the Hillary I know and love.

We also got tons of comments, where we must admit, the prevailing sentiment eventually became, “Who cares?”

Who cares, indeed, Janes. So we’re taking down our HRC emotion-meter and moving on to a BRAND NEW poll to ask which issues matter most to you. We’re beefing up our Candidate Compare charts, and want to hear from YOU about which topics top your list of must-knows before you pick a president. Your wish is our command ladies! Start voting now, and pick up to three….

One Response to “HRC’s Tears: The Janes Have Spoken”

  1. susan kierr Says:
    January 14th, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Dance/Movement therapists are experts on body language, hidden meanings, level of motivation, degree of authenticity…why not let a dmt analyze your interview / news videos?

    Bottom line – the issue I am raising here is honesty, integrity, real vs. saying what is calculated to help get elected.