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Friday Morning Jane

Topic: Morning Jane | By CJP | January 11, 2008

sunrise.jpg Good morning, Janes! Do you know why Fridays are so great? Because they’re so close to Mondays. Maybe this week wasn’t so hot for you. Maybe that cool job interview got canceled, or that girl you always thought was your friend has revealed her true colors, or maybe every poll in America had you winning the New Hampshire Primary, and it turns out the polls were wrong. Ugh!

Well good-bye this week, hello next week. You’re only two and a half days away from Monday, the day that THIS week turns into LAST week, and becomes the week before everything turned around. Get ready to succeed ladies, and get ready to be the smartest high achiever next week has ever seen. Here’s your Morning Jane……

Top Domestic Story: Campaign 2008

  • Rep. James Clyburn, the highest ranking African American ever in Congress and THE endorsement to get in South Carolina, had said he would stay neutral in the Democratic primary. Now, he’s not so sure, after hearing Hillary Clinton give LBJ credit for the Civil Rights Act, and Bill Clinton call Obama’s run, “The biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” [New York Times]
  • The plot thickens…..the founders of Unity ’08, a group dedicated to creating less partisan elections, are quitting to draft NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for president. [NY Daily News]
  • The Republicans lined up for another debate last night, talking taxes, gay marriage and Iran. Fred Thompson said something about virgins, and after being insulted by Mitt Romney, Ron Paul muttered, “Make fun, buddy.” [The State]
  • Oh, almost forgot, John Kerry endorsed Barack Obama yesterday.

Top International Story: Breaking news over at the BBC….Kenya’s opposition leader has announced that street protests will resume next week, prompting fears of more widespread violence in the country where 600 people have already been killed. [BBC]

How cool is the Nano? It holds all your songs and gets 50 mpg. [Times of London]

Bank of America announced it will buy Countrywide, the country’s biggest mortgage lender. CJP did not post high grades in accounting, so we can’t tell you what this means, but stocks surged on the news, so it must be good, right? [AP]

The Daily Mail is reporting that Serena Williams has had her heart broken and blogged all about it on her official fan site. “He tells you he adores you. He tells you u guys were meant for each other. You care for him. You are falling for him.” Eventually, her unnamed suitor also stopped calling and told her “needed space.” We don’t need space, Serena- come sit next to us! [Daily Mail]