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Your Morning Jane for Friday

Topic: Morning Jane | By CJP | November 23, 2007

Good morning Janes! Whether you’re fighting for a spot at the mall or making conversation with the relatives from Kansas, this vacation can seem a lot like work. But before you brave the crowds or the cousins, get ready to be the smartest one in line at customer service….

Top International Story: The term of Lebanese president Emil Lahoud expires at midnight tonight, but rivals within the Parliament cannot agree on a new leader. A constitutional crisis looms. [BBC]

Top Domestic Story: Congressional Democrats are pushing their proposal to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq within 30 days. The plan would end combat operations by the end of 2008, but could leave tens of thousands of troops there for years. Bush says he’ll veto; anti-war groups say the plan “has more holes than Swiss cheese.” [here.

If you think Iowa is for picking corn and New Hampshire is for picking presidents, you should probably keep that to yourself. [Manchester Union-Leader]

Sometimes work feels like a drag, unless you’ve never had a chance to try it. Large numbers of young women in India are joining the workforce for the first time and experiencing the freedom that comes with a paycheck. [New York Times]

Did you eat too much yesterday? Do you wish you could just say no to food? It’s either the day after Thanksgiving or you’re running for president. [AP and New York Times]