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You Get a Car! You Get a Car! You Get Oprah’s Political Preferences!

Topic: CJP Poll | By CJP | November 23, 2007

Janes, CJP loves Oprah. We love her when she and Nate give us ten ways way to make the apartment look bigger. We love it when she and Lisa Ling expose stories on international child trafficking. We could not turn away when she did the two-part special on compulsive hoarders. (Note to self- go to Goodwill.)

But recently, CJP was asked if women would follow Oprah’s lead and go for Barack Obama. La Winfrey’s endorsement of a book can take it from ho-hum to best-seller. Do you think the same will hold true for a presidential candidate? Let us know what you think on our first-ever CJP poll on the right side of the page! Happy voting Janes…..

One Response to “You Get a Car! You Get a Car! You Get Oprah’s Political Preferences!”

  1. InterTubes Says:
    November 24th, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    If it was just Obama and a Bunch of white men, I think it would be fine; O’s endorsement of O doesn’t have to be racial, but it doesn’t have to be non-racial either.

    But I wonder if Oprah can afford to be on the wrong side of electing the first female President, if that’s what happens.