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Your Morning Jane

Topic: Morning Jane | By CJP | November 20, 2007

Good morning, Janes! Grab your coffee, have a seat and get ready to be the smartest mom at Gymboree today….

Top Domestic Story- The financial markets are behaving badly and it may be time for the lending industry to go to Time Out. [Washington Post]

Top International Story- Signs of normalcy, including weddings and boys playing foosball, return to Baghdad. [New York Times]

Put an exploding language on the growing list of things made in China. An American teacher says, “Chinese isn’t the new French- it’s the new English.” [USA Today]

In Des Moines, Iowa, two men assaulted a Dollar Store clerk and stole $50 worth of hair product. [Des Moines Register] In an unrelated story, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne campaigned for John Edwards in Davenport, Iowa. [Des Moines Register]

If you knit one and purl two, Chris Dodd’s the man for you. [Chicago Sun-Times]