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Likable, Electable or Capable?

Topic: Morning Jane | By CJP | November 20, 2007

Janes, a new study by Knowledge Networks drills down past the overall poll numbers and asks how voters are really evaluating the candidates. The numbers show that:

  • Republicans are looking more closely at candidates’ policy positions, while Democrats are weighing personality traits more heavily.
  • Hillary Clinton is the first choice AND last choice for Democrats to take bowling or on vacation.
  • Barack Obama is considered the most likable among the eight Democrats, while Rudy Giuliani scores highest in the GOP field. Pitted against each other, Obama wins the contest 54% to 45%.
  • Seems like good news for both, but will it translate to votes?
  • Janes, are you making your choice based on who you like as a person, who you think can win or who you think can do the job? [Click on the comments section to tell us what you think, and don't miss our Candidate Compare charts to see where the candidates stand.]

3 Responses to “Likable, Electable or Capable?”

  1. Claudia L. Meydrech Says:
    November 20th, 2007 at 3:52 pm


    Congratulations on your spot on Studio B with Shepard Smith. I enjoyed it, and am enjoying surfing your blog. I’m going right now put a post up about your blog on my fairly new “Married to Politics” blog.

    Have a Thankful Thanksgiving!

    Claudia :-)

  2. admin Says:
    November 20th, 2007 at 5:40 pm


    Thanks so much for your note and for sharing your blog, It’s thoughtful and beautifully written. I will spread the word!

  3. joe blough Says:
    November 23rd, 2007 at 1:52 am

    I’ll butt in, though I daresay that my 2 cents will likely be received skeptically at best, and perhaps deservedly so.

    First off, my compliments on the site and the Fox appearance (which is my reason for looking at the site).

    That said, now I’ll point out something that is not much discussed in the media, but which I consider central to the issues of the day, and which the ladies of the nation are apt to have a particular understanding of.

    The two great inimical forces we face on the global scene are China, and the mohammedan bloc (about 1 billion people apiece making up together about 35% of humanity) — and make no mistake about their self-declared enmity toward us.

    So what does their human picture look like?


    China – This is a culture that jails women for having more than one child. I’ll add that this is also a culture that decides, commonly and normally, that THAT is a good reason to abort their daughters. (Think about that. Female children are considered inferior).

    More to the point, the normal human population balance is 49% male, 51% female. China is WAY out of balance on the male side, with a genuine male majority.

    So consider, here is a nation with literally MILLIONS of unmarried, unmatched, lonesome angry males with nobody to take the edge off and civilize them.

    Who do we have that knows how to confront and control several million angry rogue males?


    The mohammedan bloc – Assuming you glance at the news occasionally you will have noticed that these countries all have cultures which are characterized by male dominance carried to its most brutal and primitive extreme — i.e. obedience, blood and murder.

    “Honor killings” as they are daintily referred to in the news, are murders of women who have, however secretively, disobeyed their fathers or brothers. And they are common enough to be happening even in Canada among the mohammedans there.

    In the hills of Pakistan, gang-raping a female relative is a way of punishing young men who defy the local authorities or those of the neighboring tribes. To do so seems normal to them.

    Whenever asked, they insist that their way of doing things is superior to ours and they want to bring it here.

    Again, who do we have in our presidential wannabe line-up who can confront millions of angry brutes and subdue them?


    Clearly the women in those societies have not succeeded in containing their own men, for whatever reason — good or bad.

    How do we confront them?

    For surely they are seeking to confront us.